On The Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp:

Today was pretty cool! It was all about AJAX. This is definitely a big step towards a more complete and advanced website development. This is all about communicating with APIs and manipulating elements in the DOM. For the moment, I haven’t been able to share my progress with you, but as soon as possible I will update those previous posts and let you know through mail. Today, at least, I’ll share the codepen of the FetchAPI profile generator. It’s pretty simple. You just click “next profile” and it updates all of the user’s information. It’s a bootcamp exercise. If you’re reading this blog post today on the 17th, the code only generates the name of the user, but tomorrow it should be finished.

On Bootcamps:

The more I read on bootcamps, the less I feel like paying for one. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying they’re garbage, but I don’t think they would add too much value for me at this moment. At least not the +$3,000 that they cost. At this moment I’m already training full-time, following an online and rather intensive course. The course is basically tool bombarding, but it seems that that’s not so different from bootcamps. This is the experience that a self-taught—but then bootcamp student—web developer shared. I just feel like I feel the same way as he did when he was in the bootcamp: I have lots of tools so now it’s my responsibility to learn how to use them.