A few months ago, I wrote about Chingu (which if you don’t know what it is, please go and check them out). I also talked a little bit about my team during the Chingu voyage, but I never actually concluded the story. So this is what this post is all about, the final project.

In the end, we successfully completed our envisioned Minimum Viable Product (MVP). And when I say “successfully”, I mean that we actually packed and shipped the working product we planned out at the beginning (here is the final project if you are too curious and don’t want to wait until the end).

I worked as a project manager and I was basically in charge of the product’s backlog. Some of my tasks were also to serve as a tie-breaker in case it was needed, to communicate with the Chingu-X team (the staff) in case of difficulties, and to log a weekly report on our team’s activity. We followed the Agile methodology and the Scrum framework.

We created a minimalistic clone of StackOverflow but aimed at Chingu participants. It is basically the same Q&A idea, but with the intention of aiming it at Chingu related topics and users. It is an MVP but nonetheless a bug-free working full-stack application. There is authentication and authorization logic, database management, and a front and a back-end. As technologies, we used: React, GraphQL, Apollo, MongoDB, Node.js, and we deployed the back-end on Heroku and the front-end on Netlify. Continuous integration with git was our every day bread and butter. 🥖

Here it is: ChinguFlow! 🎉